Our easily accessible storage facility is equipped with several features to ensure your peace of mind.

Safety and security

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The only self storage facility in Edmonton with this exclusive, state of the art security system.

Our Anti-Burrowing System provides unsurpassed quality, design and performance. Our product extends the boundaries of an alarm system. Our secure storage system prevents unwanted trespassers from “burrowing” through the units themselves.

  • A fully enclosed storage facility
  • 32 camera locations monitor both inside storage and on roadways
  • Electronic facility gates

Storage Edmonton


WATER DAMAGE! Two words you DON’T want to hear when renting storage and one of many renter concerns.

Our Flood Control System prevents water accumulation from entering your storage unit and damaging your items during the warmer seasons. At South Edmonton Storage our asphalt is lowered 3-5 inches below the surface of the concrete floor all around our buildings stopping any potential water damage from occurring. Another reason to choose SOUTH EDMONTON STORAGE.

Lighting in Every Unit

Thomas Edison created it, we provide it.

South Edmonton Storage is one of few self-storage facilities in Edmonton who provide lights in hallways and in the units themselves. Our goal is to create a safe, hassle free storage experience.

What is it? Why do you need it?

In-Slab Heating System

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Did you know that there are many items susceptible to damage due to prolonged exposure to changes in temperature?

Furniture, Electronics, Art, Musical Instruments and Textiles are all affected by changes in temperature which can cause extreme drying, cracking and damage.

Our In-Slab Heating System creates a gradual, constant temperature level of your storage from the ground up, unlike most storage facilities which use an overhead radiant heating system.

Climate Controlled Storage and In-Floor Heating also allows you to gain access to your belongings all year round by preventing ice and snow build up around unit doors during the harsh winter months.

Our storage facility is heated to a balmy 10 degrees Celsius, allowing perfect conditions for nearly any item requiring storage.

Not sure how much it will cost?

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